Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year thanks

This is to thank those individuals who have clicked onto my blog in the few months since its September 2013 birth.  A little “paranoia” makes me wonder how many people actually read entire articles, which I know are pretty heavy cream.  I also know that my writing comes from extremely confused motivations within me, a strand of which is a narcissism that magnifies the value of my ideas in my own mind.  There is, however, a countervailing strand which guts the significance for me nearly as soon as I upload a post.  Upshot of these and other machinations is that I have gratitude but no expectations.

One item which I can’t help but mention is that outside of one response which I fairly solicited from another therapist-blogger at the beginning, there have been no “comments” to my articles.  That is partly comfort-making and partly deflating, but I don’t understand it.  I can imagine things, though: Maybe others see psychology as a wet blanket as I do, but for those fine moments in sessions.  Beyond those, I would much much rather be living the quiddities (see blog entry of September 27) than sitting on a mirrored cushion of evaluation, a distancing cushion of thought.

A major roadblock of mine is the problem of meaning.  I will be working on it in the coming year, especially as it restricts my “literary enthusiasm.”  Then again, earlier in the day I glanced at Dr. Phil’s website, the most gaudy pandemonium carnival of pop psychology I’ve ever seen.  I would rather be a man of few words.  And much less advice.

For now, I’d like to welcome (with some nervousness) the occasional input, as question or original insight.  I still enjoy learning things in the field, and believe that we could share and synergize, maybe even find some new discoveries.

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